Bye Rupert for google chrome

Bye Rupert for google chrome

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Bye Rupert for google chrome


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Installing this extension will block all websites that Rupert Murdoch controls.

Every day hundreds of thousands of Australians read online content that has been designed by News Corp to manipulate their readers views in order to push a political agenda. We’ve seen it in the past with the 2013 Federal Election, the National Broadband Network, the 2018/2019 Australian bush fires and more. When it comes to politics, Australians deserve an unbiased, fair report of proceedings, NOT low quality “journalism” that aims to make a man who renounced his Australian citizenship more money.

I made “Bye Rupert” in an attempt to stop giving his online businesses pageviews. Less pageviews lowers the amount of inventory the websites can sell which means revenue will drop. It will also allow users to support smaller websites that compete with News Corp who report the real facts without an agenda whilst having respect for their readers – something News Corp has long gone without. Put simply: installing this extension will block all websites that Rupert Murdoch controls.

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