Bye DUO for google chrome

Bye DUO for google chrome

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Bye DUO for google chrome


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Log in to NYU using just your browser! Goodbye to DUO!
NOTE: due to costs of servers, we are not accepting new users (still works for existing activated users).

Tired of having to wait for a notification every time you want to join a Zoom class? Frustrated because you can’t log in to NYU when your phone’s out of battery? So are we. That’s why we made Bye DUO.

With Bye DUO, you can log in to NYU using just your browser. Whenever you want to log in, Bye DUO will generate a six-digit passcode that you can quickly paste into the Multi-Factor Authentication. No need to wait for a notification on your phone! Also, Bye DUO is open source!


One-Time Setup:
1. Log in to NYU. At the Multi-Factor Authentication page, click “Add a new
device” on the left side of the screen.
2. Select “Tablet,” and then select “iOS” on the next page.
3. Click “I have Duo Mobile installed,” then ”Email me an activation link
4. In your email, click on the activation link and paste the popup’s URL (not
the activation code) into Bye DUO’s input bar. Click “Activate Bye DUO!”

Voilà! Now you can generate passcodes whenever you need!


Who are we? We’re just a group of NYU students who wanted to make Multi-Factor Authentication easier.

Like you, we value privacy. Bye DUO does not collect any user data. We will not steal, sell, or use your personal information. All Bye DUO does is generate passcodes for you. You can always opt out of Bye DUO at any time.

Like Bye DUO? Support us by leaving a rating and telling your friends!

Questions? Feedback? Email us by clicking “Contact the developer” or DM us on Instagram @bye.duo !

Just like Duo Mobile, anyone who has access to your device can use it to log into your account. Don’t let any strangers use your browser while Bye DUO is active. Bye DUO is not liable for any unwanted logins due to your device being compromised.



Does Bye DUO collect user data?
No. We value privacy. We are adamant about never collecting your data. We will not steal, sell, or use your personal information.

I copied the activation link into Bye DUO, but it doesn’t work?
Make sure you click the activation link in the email, and then copy the URL of the popup tab. For more detailed instructions, watch the setup video above!

Do I need to set up Bye DUO every time I use it?
No. Bye DUO only has to be set up ONCE in order to be registered as a device for your MFA. Once you set it up, it’ll generate a passcode whenever you need!

Can I still use Duo Mobile if I have Bye DUO?
Yes! Bye DUO is just another option. If you ever have to use a different computer or browser, you can always use Duo Mobile instead!


Programming: Yuchen Liu
Product Management & UI/UX: Wesley Davies

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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