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bulletproof mindset

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bulletproof mindset


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Andrew takes keen interest in the brain training and the warrior mindset
This item is about personal development.

The first problem that many of us have is that we
don’t take responsibility for our
actions and we don’t want to take responsibility for our actions.

Now we all know people who don’t like taking responsibility –

they will blame others and they will make excuses for what they’ve done.

These are the people with the external locusts of control
But while this might seem like an irritating problem for people
around them, the reality is that this is a much deeper
issue that affects them more than it does anyone else.

Because a completely refusal to accept responsibility means that
you also reject your own autonomy and your control. If you believe
that nothing is your fault, then you also really can’t take credit for
anything that goes well. Moreover, it means that you don’t have
any power over your life and it means that you can’t choose to change things.
It’s not up to you, it’s up to chance!

So when you install my site you have access to a mirial of training tips and techniques ,
All designed to fine tune you mental processes and improve you health in many subtle ways .

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