Better Text Viewer for google chrome

Better Text Viewer for google chrome


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Better Text Viewer for google chrome


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Makes plain text files easier to read in Chrome

Better Text Viewer is a lightweight, customizable extension that facilitates reading plain-text files in Chrome. Get the same view of your file that you would in Notepad++, Vim, or any other decent editor, including:

* Line numbering
* Line unwrapping
* Syntax highlighting

The extension automatically determines when you are viewing a plain-text file, and guesses the language based on the file extension– no configuration necessary [NEW: Content-Type headers taken into account as of v 2.0].

Support will be included for more languages in the future. All bug reports should be submitted via my website’s contact page:


NOTE: Enable the “Allow access to file URLs” option on the extensions page for maximum functionality

**Technical details**

As mentioned before, Better Text Viewer is a very lightweight extension. After detecting that the current page is a plain-text file and matching the extension to a language mode, it wraps the text block in an in-browser editor instance using code from the amazing open-source CodeMirror project.

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Version: 2.2
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