Better Image Preview for google chrome

Better Image Preview for google chrome

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Better Image Preview for google chrome


Better Image Preview for google chromeScreenshotsScreenshotsScreenshots

Better Image Preview for google chrome Mode Free Download

Customize the image preview page.
🔥 Lightweight extension to customize the image preview page.

For now it’s only the background color, but I’d be happy to add more features. Please leave a review with a comment about what you’d like me to add.

💜 Some notes

● User settings are currently set using `storage.local`, which means that if you have Chrome Sync on, the settings won’t be synced across your devices.

● The alternate method is `storage.sync`, which in turn would sync the settings. I’ve chosen for local for certain limitation reasons. I’ll change to `storage.sync` when I figure out a way.

● Currently the extension only works for URLs that explicitly have an extension at the end (most cases). So images with some special URL encoding with the extension won’t work for now, I do want to implement this feature.

💜 Source code

● The complete codebase for this extension can be found at:

● FYI, the source code of every single installed extension / theme on the Chrome Web Store can be found locally on your computer. Use Google for instructions (they are easy).
This is also nice for people that want to fiddle with some extension to behave in a different way, or for experimental reasons.
Please note that whatever you change, is only meant for your personal reasons and not for public distribution. Also, changes made by you will be overwritten on the next update of that extension.

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Operating System: Web Borwser

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Package Name: ppidlhfhfjafihcnbahjonnoijhiembh
Version: 1.1.0
File size: 11.01KiB

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