Basketball Box Scores For Chrome Extension

Basketball Box Scores For Chrome Extension


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Basketball Box Scores For Chrome Extension



Basketball Box Scores For Chrome Extension Mode Free Download

Basketball Box Scores For Chrome Extension

The best NBA browser extension with box scores, standings, highlights and more!
The best chrome extension for NBA box score, standings, highlights and more!

What is this all about?

This is an extension that allows basketball enthusiast to enjoy the game without the pain to search match statues online. Gives you detailed box scores with a single click!

With this extension’s help, it can be simplified. Only shows user what is necessary and highlights good and bad performances.

– Daily scores
– Detailed box scores
– Highlight videos from YouTube
– Dark mode
– Standings of the season
– Playoffs of the season
– Ability to select a favorite team
– Notifications

1.5.0 Updates: (2022-04-17)
– Add quarter notifications, set up to get notified when a quarter starts
– Fix playoffs text
– Fix on-court status

1.4.18/19 Updates: (2022-03-15)
– Add beta notification options
– Update live alarm checker
– Fix duplicate request
– Fix potential duplicate key in boxscores

1.4.17 Updates: (2021-12-23)
– Update packages
– Update max date

1.4.16 Updates: (2021-05-22)
– Update 2020/2021 Playoffs

1.4.15 Updates: (2021-01-17)
– Add postponed game status

1.4.13/14 Updates: (2020-12-29)
– Patches

1.4.12 Updates: (2020-10-04)
– Small fixes

1.4.11 Updates: (2020-08-26)
– Update postponed status

1.4.10 Updates: (2020-08-23)
– Simplify the popup page
– Move highlights to card view

1.4.9 Updates: (2020-08-13)
– Hot fix playoff series summary text

1.4.8 Updates: (2020-08-11)
– Fix live indicator
– Remove freeze table column and row function
– Reduce bundle size by 1/3

1.4.7 Updates: (2020-07-23)
– Fix API url due to season has not ended

1.4.6 Updates: (2020-03-07)
– Add @ symbol
– Fix playoff code in rank

1.4.5 Updates: (2020-01-20)
– Fix daily boxscores

1.4.4 Updates: (2020-01-09)
– Fix daily box scores

1.4.3 Updates: (2020-01-08)
– API endpoints has changed. Add warning text to card.
– Disable fetching data

1.4.2 Updates: (2019-12-28)
– Fix standings page

1.4.1 Updates: (2019-10-12)
– Update boxscores to be the default view

1.4.0 Updates: (2019-09-29)
– Add overview, boxscore, and play-by-play view
– Add highlight preview image
– Add team leader section
– Update to new season stats

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