Base64 Encoder/Decoder for google chrome

Base64 Encoder/Decoder for google chrome

By dandeto

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Base64 Encoder/Decoder for google chrome


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Base64 Encoder/Decoder for google chrome Mode Free Download

Encodes and decodes media to and from Base64.
Base64 Encoder/Decoder Extension

This is a browser extension that encodes and decodes media to and from Base64. It was created to help developers who want to use Base64 data strings instead of image or audio files, but the user interface is simple enough for anyone to use. Don’t worry! This also supports encoding and decoding text strings. It is much faster and more convenient to use this extension rather than uploading your local files to a server for processing.

**Please note**
1. This project is limited to converting media supported by the Base64 standard
2. Large files will take several seconds to process
3. This extension stores data in the following way:
– It saves the last entered base64 string so the user does not need to
re-enter it when the extension opens back up
– The string is stored on the **user’s computer** using the API

Features Overview
– Select a file from your computer and encode it to a Base 64 string
– Previews supported files
– Convert a Base 64 string to the correct file type
– Download the file in any format

Supported File Types
This extension supports converting the following file types (several examples listed):

– Images
– png
– jpeg
– gif
– bmp
– tiff (can’t be displayed)
– ico
– svg

– Audio
– mpeg (mp3)
– ogg
– wav

– Text
– txt
– html
– css
– js
– py
– cpp
– java

Features in Depth:
– Can select file from computer
– Auto detects file type and converts
– Copy button so user doesn’t have to Ctrl+A Ctrl+C
– Converts to image/audio/text
– Auto detects Base64 header and inserts correct one if lacking
– Download option in correct or user defined file format
– Clean look
– Simple user interface

You can download the latest source code here

Found a Bug? Is there a file type I missed?
Please report it in the [issues]( section and give it a relevant tag.

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Price: Free

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