Autosave webpage for google chrome

Autosave webpage for google chrome

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Autosave webpage for google chrome


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Save web page. Auto saves the tab’s html file in the chosen directory on a scheduled timer. Also refreshes the page on a scheduled…
Save web page. Auto saves the tab’s html file in the chosen directory on a scheduled timer. Also refreshes the page on a scheduled timer.

Note that this has only been tested on Chrome for Windows 8 and 10. I have a report that it does NOT work on Chrome for Linux, and it may not work on Chrome for Apple either. So please only use on Windows 8 or 10. I am not making any updates to this app, but I still use it personally and it works great for me, as described below.

Use as a simple screen scraper to save a web page’s html to a file. You can then parse the html file with another program and extract content. The content will stay updated if the page auto-refreshes with new content, or you can auto-refresh the page on a timer.

1) Select the tab you want to auto save (only 1 tab can be autosaved), open the Autosave extension, click + and it will show the selected tab.
2) Choose a sub-directory from the Google Downloads directory (only Downloads and sub-directories can be saved to with a Chrome extension). Leave blank to save to Downloads. You can also configure Chrome to point to any directory on your computer/network as the default Downloads directory (Settings, Advanced). Autosave will then save to that directory, or any sub-directory configured in Autosave.
3) Enter the filename. .txt extensions seem to save faster than .html, even though the format is the same. The same file is overwritten each time. The purpose is to get the latest web page content without creating tons of files.
4) Choose the auto save interval in seconds.
5) Choose the auto refresh web page time in minutes. Blank or ‘never’ will never refresh the page.

The extension cleans up Chrome’s Downloads information for just the file auto-saving, to prevent it from getting extremely large and becoming a memory issue.

1) Read and change all your data on websites you visit – required to be able to save what’s on the web page – the extension has to get the page first. We could limit this to a single page, the one you want to save. But then it wouldn’t work for any page for others.
2) Manage your downloads – creates the page’s html as a link and sends the link to Chrome to download and save. Has to manage downloads to do that.

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