ASUS Download Master Chrome Extension

ASUS Download Master Chrome Extension

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ASUS Download Master Chrome Extension


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ASUS Download Master Chrome Extension Mode Free Download

Simplifies adding torrent, ed2k, ftp files to ASUS Download Master queue
Adds context menu for every link which allows to quickly download file.

# Installation

## Download Master

Make sure you have an ASUS router with Download Master installed and running.
If Download Master not installed follow this tutorial:

## Options

Before you proceed you must specify several options by clicking on extension icon

* Application URL – URL to Download Master application (usually its
* Username – router admin username
* Password – router admin password

Provided credentials won’t be sent anywhere and will be stored only on your current machine.

# Usage

Right-click on any link and select ‘Download with ASUS Download Master’.
Torrent files are auto-detected so you don’t need to worry about this.
You will see notification about success or error.

# Supported versions

Tested on RT-AC88U and Download Master ver.

# Sources

It’s opensource, so you can make sure you are safe 🙂

# Changelog

– 1.1.0

* Fixed duplicate creation of contextMenu item
* Improved notifications – they now tracks progress while queueing URL
* Improved UTF-8 support for .torrent downloads
* Added progressbar for .torrent downloads
* Added colored icons (red – error, green – success and yellow – warning) to notifications
* Added notification timeout option (default is 5 seconds)
* Improved Download Master authentication flow – login requests now will be sent only when they are actually needed
* Improved option page HTML layout
* Fixed Download Master .torrent confirmation (by using .torrent filename directly from Download Master)

## 1.0.0

* Plugin was rewritten using Manifest V3
* It now uses fetch API instead of old XMLHttpRequest

## 0.0.6

* Improved Magnet URL handling
* Fixed error message when USB drive is full (no space left for new downloads) – before it was “Unknown error”
* Several minor fixes

## 0.0.5

* Added button to notifications which allows quickly navigate to Download Master
* Added button to options page to allow test entered credentials and URL
* Cosmetics

## 0.0.4

* Fixed an issue with multifile torrents which wasn’t actually downloaded

## 0.0.3

* Fixed an issue which causes “Unknown error” message.
* Actually this message means duplicate torrent file (Torrent file was already added to download queue).

## 0.0.2

* Improved .torrent detection
* Fixed success message when ASUS Download Master task limit reached (max 30 active tasks)

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