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Aria2c Integration for google chrome

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Aria2c Integration for google chrome


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Aria2c Integration for google chrome Mode Free Download

Download files with aria2
This extension captures new download tasks and sends them to aria2 automatically, as per capturing rules you set (file size, file type, site whitelist, site blacklist)

It also adds a context menu item. Right click any link and select “Download with aria2” to add the link to aria2 download queue.

Click the extension icon to reveal a quick view of tasks. Click a progress bar area to pause/unpause a task or remove a completed/error task.

1. Chrome >= 31. Auto download capture doesn’t work before this version.
2. aria2c (>=1.15.2) with RPC enabled. RPC user and password/RPC secret can be set in options. Also rpc-listen-all and rpc-allow-origin-all needs to be switched on.

Example: aria2c –enable-rpc –rpc-listen-all=true –rpc-allow-origin-all=true

Recommend: Tick off “Ask where to save each file before downloading” in Chrome settings.

Please report a bug if you run into any issue, preferably on Github.

Feature request is also welcome.

v1.6.7: Enable adding tasks manually.
v1.6.4: Skip the “blob:” scheme.
v1.6.2: Bugfix.
v1.6.1: RPC secret field is now masked; Paused tasks have their own color.

Icons made by Loc( under License CC BY 3.0.

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