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Arena Shopify Admin Extension


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Arena Shopify Admin Extension Mode Free Download

Lets you replace the default Shopify Theme Editor dashboard with new UI to easy manage the Shopify Theme.
Arena Shopify Admin Extension lets you replace the default Shopify Theme Editor dashboard with new UI to easy manage the Shopify Theme.

It’s includes:

– Admin Quick Links show in your Shopify website. This function will give you a board of shortcuts, each shortcut will lead you to editor page that you will use regularly, this function will help you save a lot of time.
+ Shortcut Section Contents : Go to Section Editors in Theme Customization. It’s useful in Shopify theme with multi-page templates.
+ Shortcut Edit Content: Go to your Product, Pages Editors
+ Shortcut Edit Custom Field: Go to Edit your Shopify page, product meta fields if you are using Advanced Custom Fields App.
+ Shortcut General, Custom, Discount, Install Apps, Menu, Product, Code Edit, Sections: Go to Shopify General Setting
– Advanced Theme Editor: Extended your Shopify Theme Editor, give you six addition tool for you to improve the way you configure Shopify theme:
+ Icon picker
+ Date picker
+ Header collapsed
+ Responsive spacing settings
+ Responsive carousel column settings
+ Advanced Text Editor
– Content Editor: allows customers to easily add columns, buttons with the click of a button.
– URL Filter: Filter your domain running Extension.
– Import sample menus data by ArenaComemrce from Shopify Arena Dashboard app to your Shopify store.
How to use :
More detail about Arena Dashboard:

Arena Shopify Admin Extension DOES NOT collect any of your data or your browsing activity on any websites. We are pretty fanatical about privacy ourselves, and your privacy is extremely important to us.
Please visit this page for more info
– When installing Arena Shopify Admin Extension for Chrome, you might see the following prompt: Install Arena Shopify Extension Extension?
– It can access:
+ Your tabs and browsing activity to turn on & off depend on your settings with Domain Filter
+ Your Shopify store Menus to import sample menus from ArenaCommerce by Arena Dashboard Shopify app.

Get in touch:
Extension privacy:
For more information on privacy and the security of your data visit

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