AppsScript Color for google chrome

AppsScript Color for google chrome

By Jean-Rémi Delteil

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AppsScript Color for google chrome


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Provides folders display and a dark color theme to the google apps script editor.
### Info about the new GAS editor and AppsScript Color (2020-12-24) ###

Folder support is fully available. Juste use “/” in the file name.

Two dark theme are available in the IDE (themes only applies to the IDE, not to the full page)

Use the “Sun/Moon” icon to toggle the dark mode on and off,
To select a different color theme, open the IDE action menu with [F1] (while focusing the IDE),
then type either “theme”, or on of the following:
– Darcula
– Monokai


For the old IDE version user:

AppsScript Color provides other color themes for Apps Script developers.

These dark themes are more contrasted and comfy, allowing to code for hours !
Choose from the ‘Colors’ integrated menu one of the following themes :
– Black fox console
– Darcula
– Default

For now the extension applies a color theme of your choice on Apps Scripts open on
It works for standalone scripts and scripts linked to native Google documents.

[new] Customize your own theme with the Theme editor !

AppsScriptColor also add a structured Folder view for a tidier file list !
To add folders, rename your files to include the path in their name:

Updated :

– Fix

– Full support of the new GAS online IDE (not all theme are available)

– Fix some colors changes

– Custom theme editor allows to create theme derivated from the 3 default themes\
Find the Theme Editor in the color menu

– Folder are grouped above files
– Folder color match their nesting level

– New Folder system: use the ‘/’ character in your file names to display a structure Folder view
This will allow great compatibility with the new CLASP command line tool (

– Fix adding or removing a folder work as expected again

– Fix Color not applied at page loading

– Fix GAS CSS update for font

– New scroll-bar color for Black fox console

– Smoother folder opening

– Added custom Folders to sort your files locally !
– Updated color schemes to account for the folders

– Minor bug fixes : the extension only run script edit page

– New color theme : Darcula, with bigger font
– Colors menu: Choose from the 2 existing themes or set to the default

– Added more suited color for HTML template tokens ( <? ?> )

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