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AliExpress Coupon Helper


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AliExpress Coupon Helper
Coupon Helper brings you a brand new Chrome extension that will search for available coupons and discounts offered by AliExpress sellers whilst you are browsing the store. This personal shopping assistant will ensure you save a few dollars and get the best deals every time you make purchase in AliExpress.

Just install the extension and it will automatically start searching for the best coupons and discounts available for each product in AliExpress. When an offer is detected an orange box will appear with instructions on how to grab it.

This extension also works with your wishlist! If you were to find multiple products with the same price, you can add them to your wishlist and occasionally check with AliExpress Coupon Finder to see if a vendor has released a coupon or a discount.

We won’t lie, AliExpress’ coupons and discounts can be a bit confusing and hard to understand, it is for this reason why many people don’t take full advantage of them. However, thanks to this free extension you will be able to save a few dollars on many of your purchases, especially on the products that are in the medium to high price range (there are usually not many discounts or coupons available for extremely cheap products).

Extension options:

You can customize the extension to cover your exclusive shopping needs. If you do not need the extension to automatically search for coupons and discounts each time you browse through AliExpress, you have the option of turning off the automatic search function in the menu bar (click on the orange coupon toolbar) and then simply click on the Right Button> Check coupons for this product, and extension will only look at the products you choose.
Coupon Finder brings you a brand new Chrome extension that will search for available coupons and discounts offered by AliExpress sellers…

If you are browsing through a store, and you do not need AliExpress Coupon Finder to search for discounts for all the products the seller offers, you can disable this function unchecking on “Enabled on stores” in the menu.

It is not uncommon that while browsing you will see an alert saying “There are coupons or discounts for bigger amounts”. This happens when you are before a product that costs, lets say $10 but the seller will only give a discount if, for example, you spend $20. You can also customize the extension and disable this notification by deselecting “Disable alert when coupons or discounts are for bigger amounts.”


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