Akamai Developer Toolkit for google chrome

Akamai Developer Toolkit for google chrome

By akamai.developer.toolkit

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Akamai Developer Toolkit for google chrome


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Akamai Developer Toolkit for google chrome Mode Free Download

A chrome extension that provide developers access to Akamai developer tools including testing OPEN APIs right within their workspace
Change Log:
Update (1/18/21): Updated UA Code.
Update (10/23/20): CORS fixes to avoid Chrome blocking requests, removed requests for permissions not used by the extension to avoid violating the Chrome store policies
Update (03/15/19):
– Adding support for different kinds of subdomains within fetch logs function
– Removed “x-extracted-values” from debug headers due to breakage of large group of websites from having bloated response headers
– Added support for Brotli pragma header
– edited tweet button to point to the most current link for this chrome extension
Update (02/02/19): Adding updates from Piez for Akamai Video Manager
Update (01/22/19): Removing Proxy from manifest permission list
Update (10/08/18): Removing JS obfuscation from the extension to be compliant with chrome’s latest announcement: https://blog.chromium.org/2018/10/trustworthy-chrome-extensions-by-default.html
Update (10/02/18): Fixing invalid timestamp issue
Update (09/18/18) : Adding support for multiple header name and value pairs
Update (09/14/18) : Adding support for PUT requests
Update (09/09/18) : Revamping Akamai developer toolkit to include the ability to test OPEN APIs with ease.

This is an unofficial Akamai extension and there will be no Akamai Technical Support provided in case the tool fails or throws errors, that being said please report all issues using the feedback button within the extension. All API tokens and credentials are stored locally in your laptop and not beamed up to the internet, we run EdgeGrid within the extension and pass the computed Authorization headers with the API.

This extension is not supported by Akamai

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