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2020Wallet Mode Free Download

Automatic login to your websites with single swipe.
No more Pop Ups for Login Credentials

If you would like to get rid of entering credentials and login automatically, 2020Wallet Web App is the solution.

2020Wallet Chrome Web App conveniently eliminates the steps of entering your usernames and passwords to login into your favorite websites.

How to use 2020Wallet Chrome Web App?

• Store your website credentials on your mobile using 2020Wallet mobile app. You can download 2020Wallet from Google Play store, Samsung App Store or Nexva App store.
• Install 2020Wallet Chrome Web App from Chrome extensions.
• You will see the icon on the right top corner of the screen. Click on the icon.
• A popup screen appears when you are using the app for the first time – Enter the email Id and Lock code you have registered with 2020Wallet mobile app.
• Now Swipe and go! – Here after you can login to the websites just with a swipe on your 2020Wallet mobile app Auto Login option.

• Eliminates the discomfort of entering login credentials each time
• Creates an ease to work across multiple sites
• Automatic login to your websites, with saved username /passwords
• We don’t inject any Ads
• We don’t store any information on the server
• This plugin is Open Source. Have a look at <https:// >
• Download for free

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Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/2020Wallet/>


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