tweak: mock API calls for google chrome

tweak: mock API calls for google chrome


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tweak: mock API calls for google chrome


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Mock your HTTP requests to test, develop and demo your web application seamlessly
tweak is your customizable API mock server in a chrome extension that allows you to effortlessly mock HTTP requests 🪄

The extension allows you to modify the HTTP requests triggered from your web applications at the network level before it reaches the front-end.
You can shape the HTTP response payloads of your backend services without ever leaving the browser. The extension offers basic & advanced functionalities for you to feed data to your web application and simulate or develop new functionalities that are data-driven.

Here’s a list of the functionalities offered by the extension:

1. Consistent interception across the web application life cycle. tweak can intercept requests that triggered at page load or any other moment throughout the website session lifespan.
2. Intercept a request by specifying 👇
‣ A URL expression that can either be the full URL, part of the URL (substring), or a regular expression.
‣ An HTTP method (or wildcard).
‣ A HTTP response status.
‣ A Content-Type response header.
‣ A delay value in milliseconds.
‣ The JSON response and request payloads.
‣ The response headers
3. Export & Import configurations to organize and share your collections with your team 🤹‍♀️
4. Search and autocomplete requests 🔎

You can consult our official website to read documentation on how to use tweak.

Any feedback? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email at

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