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Streetify for google chrome


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The biggest price comparison site in the world
Congratulations, you’ve just found the best and easiest way to save money.

1) Download Streetify to Google Chrome and then leave it to us to find you savings and deals. Streetify has the smartest price comparison engine in the world – offering you far more savings than any other platform. We focus on prices for the product you searched, not annoying ’similar’ products – saving you time and money.*

2) We then check over 50 major deal sites to see if they have savings for the retailer you are on, so you don’t have to. If you like to find a deal then this will save you a ton of time.**

3) Tap ‘Local Explore’ to see your local shopping streets. Click on the store logo to go to that stores website – we have every store and every shopping street in the world (with a website) in virtual form. Visit, buy and save in practically any shopping street or mall in the world. See stores in a “List View”, or click “Street View” to see gorgeous virtual streets. The graphics are geo-referenced so at night the lights come on in the city you’re viewing – how cool is that?

4) If you own or manage a website or store you can advertise in your virtual store window for free, run “flash sales”, tell people you offer same day local delivery or maybe just give your opening hours. Go to Settings to see how (it’s about as easy as sending a text).

Just in case you’re wondering, if you are a consumer we won’t sell your data, bore you with daily emails, charge you for anything, or ever know your payment details (any transactions are on the retailers website). We make money from commissions from some of the retailers you buy from, after they’ve won your business so it doesn’t cost you a bean.

We are not magic. If you’re looking at a store’s own product then we obviously won’t be able to find the same product elsewhere. Also, if a website has described a product wrongly then we’ll provide the wrong price comparisons. But Streetify works around 80% of the time – streets ahead of any other price/ deals platform.

Streetify exists to support businesses, shopping streets, malls and deal websites. It’s one, giant, global, saving community!

The Streetify Team

* We show every price comparison we find – not just the ones that pay us. We even check all the other price comparison sites for prices. And when we say “automatic” we mean it – you don’t have to ask Streetify to check a price because we do it anyway. So that’s why we are streets ahead of any ordinary site.
** Streetify is the first platform to auto-check deal sites for you. We support them by making it easier for consumers to find their deals, but you’ll generally need to join them to access their savings.
Once you’ve downloaded the Extension, you can also download the app to your mobile or tablet.
We ask users to “join” so that we can send you emails to help you save more, and for some wow technology that we have already built and will put on-line in the coming months.

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