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Simple Posher for google chrome


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A series of tools to simplify the process of selling on Poshmark.
Whether you’re selling on Poshmark full-time or on the side, increasing sales on a competitive platform means balancing a lot of activities to market your closet. Simple Posher makes this complex work… well, simpler! Simple Posher is one of the original automated tools for Poshmark sellers, an easy-to-use Chrome extension that does things like sharing items and following users for you. We’ll take care of those tedious tasks and increase the visibility of your items to Poshmark buyers while you focus on the fun parts of your Poshmark business.

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Included, are:

Automatic Item Sharing
Automatically share Poshmark items to and from your closet, other closets, feeds, and parties. Share select items to parties based on keywords. You can share a designated number of items, randomize the share order, share bottom to top to keep your closet in order, and check ‘infinite share’ to keep sharing indefinitely. The extension can also edit-next-list share.

Automatic Following
Follow or unfollow users from nearly anywhere on the Poshmark website.

Automatic Newsfeed Activity Return
Returns follows and shares as well as additional shares for each like, so you can receiprocate the activity from other Poshmark sellers.

Try It!
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