Short Item URL for eBay

Short Item URL for eBay

By Rado

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Short Item URL for eBay


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Short Item URL for eBay Mode Free Download

Simple URL shortener for eBay listings, using no 3rd party service but eBay itself.
Ever tried to share the link to the perfect gizmo you just found on eBay with your friends, only to find that the URL is so long it eats up several lines of your chat window? Ever wondered why the eBay URLs are often so ridiculously long?

This extension comes to the rescue and will allow you to copy the short version of the URL into your clipboard with a single click. Useful for easy sharing on social networks and via instant messaging. Forget those with multi-line URLs!

How it works: unlike the usual URL shorteners, this one does not rely on any 3rd party service. What it actually does is strip all of the unnecessary parts of the item URL, like search parameters or product description, leaving only the bare minimum (the domain and the item ID) for a nice, short URL that’s easy to share.

The extension currently supports 18 international eBay sites, including,,, and many others.

Think you’ve found a bug? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

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