PURC Organics: Haircare Products

PURC Organics: Haircare Products

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PURC Organics: Haircare Products


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A haircare range to take you Back To Nature
We’re creating a cosmetics revolution to save the planet.

PURC Organics products are 100% vegetarian, cruelty free, ethically sourced, fresh and handmade with love. We use minimal packaging for all shampoo and conditioner bars. Our liquid products are packaged in 100% recycled jars.

PURC is a brand specialised in producing natural skin and hair care products for men, women and children of all ages and for all types of skin and hair. We also expanded our product range with eco-friendly home and garden products.

PURC is for everyone. Environmentally conscious people, such as vegetarians, vegans and people from the zero waste community, but also people who fancy the natural or industrial look. Most of our products are gender neutral, this means they can be used by men, women and even children. We sell products for many different types of skin and hair.

Besides hair and body care products we also sell Eco-friendly home and garden products.

Flaunt a new color everyday, with our Wax Hair Dyes: Choose from a range of colorful temporary wax dyes to give your hair a different flair everyday. Easy to wash, easy to apply – make art every day. Join our giveaway for a chance to get our beautiful hair wax dyes for free!

Maximum hair nourishment, with PURC Hair Spray: PURC Hair Growth Spray is designed for both men and women with all hair types. With a large amount of ginger and ginseng to prevent hair loss, PURC Hair Growth Spray increases the strength of your hair and makes it look thicker. Our unique natural formula increases the blood circulation in your scalp and nurtures new hair growth.

Shampoo Bars: Shampoo bars are in great demand. It’s not just a trend, it’s an emergency. The urgency of taking care of the planet by reducing our ecological footprint, making us aware of overpack and consuming in a more responsible way. But we know that you are already well informed and above all convinced!

Ecological > Completed plastic bottles! According to information circulating on the Net, shampoo bars could avoid the use of more than 500 million single-use plastic bottles! With our shampoo bars, Quai des Bulles is taking a step towards reducing packaging *. In addition, the ingredients used are from plant and biodegradable sources.

Economical > Its long service life makes it an economical care product. Its solid form makes it possible to take only the quantity necessary during the shampoo. Obviously, its duration of use varies according to the washing frequencies and the length of the hair. From our side, we do not yet know exactly how many shampoos we can do with a bar, because we never finish finishing the one we started!

Convenient > It’s compact, lightweight design is convenient for travel and travel. No risk of leakage of a bottle (that’s flat in a suitcase …).

The use of a shampoo bar: The use of a shampoo bar is as easy as hello! Just go directly on wet hair (3 or 4 shots are enough!) To apply a little shampoo. Lather with your fingers and gently massage the scalp. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. You can repeat as needed. Drain the shampoo well and keep it in a dry place (not under the spray of the shower!).

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