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Proco for google chrome


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Proco Brand Transparency Tool
Find and support the most environmentally and socially transparent fashion brands while shopping for clothes online with Proco, the fashion Brand Transparency Tool!

A free-to-use Chrome extension, Proco makes it easier for environmentally and socially principled and concerned consumers to make ethically-informed purchasing decisions when shopping via their desktop Chrome browser.

Powered by the Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index 2021, Proco suggests alternative, more transparent fashion companies that more readily disclose their environmental and social impacts and risks for scrutiny by consumers, NGOs, and shareholders alike.

This is an environmental and social reporting transparency tool for fashion brands. It is not a tool based on the outright environmental and social performance of fashion brands.

​We hope that we can do well by empowering e-commerce consumers to support increasingly greater environmental and social disclosure from the world’s leading fashion brands.

Greater transparency from large fashion brands is an important precursor for greater consumer, investor and regulatory scrutiny.

With greater universal scrutiny and pressure, made possible by the greater environmental and social disclosure from brands, fashion brands’ environmental and social impacts will be reduced over time.

At Proco, we intend to support reducing the fashion industry’s incredible impact on the world’s environment and its people.

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