PlantUML Viewer for google chrome

PlantUML Viewer for google chrome

By Peter Prikryl

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PlantUML Viewer for google chrome


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PlantUML Viewer for google chrome Mode Free Download

Shows graphs and diagrams rendered by PlantUML (UML, Ditaa and Dot).
# PlantUML

Renders UML diagram as defined in a text file. For full syntax of the text file, see:

1. Install the extension from Chrome Web Store.
2. Open text file from web server with UML diagram definition in browser (the text starts with @startuml).
3. See the rendered UML diagram!

Chrome does not allow fetching content from local files anymore, so you have to start a local web server that will serve the local text file. One simple way if you have Python 3 is to run `python -m http.server` command in the directory with your PlantUML files.

## Features

– Automatically updates the diagram when the file at given URL is changed.
– You can use your own server by changing the server URL in the popup of the action button (action button is displayed while viewing PlantUML files).

## Permissions

Your data on all websites
: Used to check whether the current page contains PlantUML diagram.

## History

– Added option to change type (PNG/SVG/TXT/None).

– Recognizes Ditaa and Dot graphs.

– The first version.

## Credits

Credits go to Arnaud Roques, the author of the PlantUML. If you like this plugin, support the original author via the PayPal button on the PlantUML site (

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Price: Free

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