Path of Exile MTX shop filter

Path of Exile MTX shop filter

By David M

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Path of Exile MTX shop filter


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Filter capability for the Path of Exile shop
This extension extends the microtransaction store for the online action rpg Path of Exile.

On of my greatest gripes with their store is the fact that i can’t easily search for stuff i want to buy, this extension aims to change that.

The extension adds a small box to the bottom right of the store, where you can search for microtransactions on your current page, it will NOT work on the overview of store categories.

You can also filter out microtransactions you already own (this only works on items like hideouts because you can only own one of them).

I also added the functionality to filter out microtransactions you can’t afford!

All the information this extension needs is extracted from the shop page, the extension ONLY runs locally and does NOT communicate with any external party whatsoever.

If you find any bugs, have any questions or suggestions you can contact me on the following platforms:
– Reddit:
– Discord: anythinga#8913
– Email: [email protected]

Path of Exile is a free online-only action RPG made by Grinding Gear Games in New Zealand, i am not assiociated with Grinding Gear Games nor do i own any rights.

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