Lowest Price & Price Alerts

Lowest Price & Price Alerts

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Lowest Price & Price Alerts


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Never pay more! There is always a lower price
Price Comparison Tool for computer & computer parts.

We track 13 leading online computer & computer parts retailers for around 40,000+ skus. You can easily find the lowest price among 13 different retailers or if you have a target price than the current offer, you can create custom price alerts and we do the price drop checks on behalf of you.

How does it work?

Simply install the extension.
When you browse a product in a any web site, if our retailers carry the same product you will be notified by our small icon, and when you click on the icon you will see all the competitors prices. You can click on the prices and go directly to the vendor’s official web site.

— Offers fast and easy price comparisons,
— Highlights the lowest price available,
— Offers to create custom price alerts,

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