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KAPolyglott Mode Free Download

KA Polyglott helps foreign language speakers to learn on Khan Academy by giving access to translations in other languages
Khan Academy is not only a unique website to learn just about anything! There is probably no other e-learning websites which has been translated into so many languages ​​and more are still actively beeing translated to.

Out of this we create KA Polyglott, a unique tool for refugees to close their gaps in mathematics and at the same time learn the any other language. We develop an Webbrowser Extension for khanacademy.org where a foreign language speaker can simply see and watch the translation of texts and videos to his native language.

The current prototype is a technology demonstrator. And demonstrates the following functions on the following tutorial:

1. Title and descriptions of videos can be viewed with just a mouse click in various languages. Thanks to a text-to-speech engine, this can also be played audibly.

2. Trough Flags, displayed at the right side, the learner which did not understand a video in German, can easily switch to the the video in his native language or any other language which he understands.

Note: This is not an official Khan Academy application!

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