Instant Tracking Monitor for Google Analytics

Instant Tracking Monitor for Google Analytics

By Thomas Langnau

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Instant Tracking Monitor for Google Analytics


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Instant Tracking Monitor for Google Analytics Mode Free Download

Show Analytics hits & tracking errors in the extension Icon and blocks hits after analysing them.
– Ein Chrome Addon für Webanalysten von einem Webanalysten –

This extension does mainly four things for you:

A: it provides an instant overview of the current Google Analytics tracking fired on a page. See the number of properties, number of pageview hits and number of other hits displayed in the extensions icon-badge.

B: it notifies you about 6 (possible) tracking errors e.g. Anonymize IP, duplicate Pageviews & Hitlength almost extended. You can turn off every error you want.

C: Blocking Analytics Hits: This Option let’s you block all Analytics hits. In contrast to typical Analytics Blockers for chrome, this extension only blocks the actual Hits which means, you can see & analyse them in the extension and with many tools like GTM Debug Mode.

D: Add your own tracking services you want to monitor & block other analytics hits, Ads Conversion Hits etc.

Release Notes:
0.6 : Lots of new features: GA4 Support, Serverside GA Monitoring, Add and monitor your own custom Tracking services.

0.5 : new name & images after violation of branding guidelines / includes now most app+web hits / see the number of ga hits in the popup graphic/ bug fixes

0.4 : Bug Fixing for new App+Web-Tracking / improved Error handling for “no Hit after analytics JS”/ Bug Fixing of ni-parameter (can be true&false now instead of only 1&0) // new clicks brand

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