IMDb Hide Episode Spoilers

IMDb Hide Episode Spoilers

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IMDb Hide Episode Spoilers


IMDb Hide Episode Spoilers

IMDb Hide Episode Spoilers Mode Free Download

Hides episode number count on IMDb. No more spoilers!
Ever want to look up who the actor is for your new favorite TV show on IMDb? But uh-oh! You just noticed that the show has 40 episodes and the character(although he’s been in every episode so far) is only in 28. Thanks for the spoiler alert IMDb! This extension will hide those pesky spoilers out of view unless you hover over it. And a simple button allows you to turn off all the spoiler tags if you’re not worried about that show. Easy and simple.

Version Changes(–/IMDb-Hide-Episode-Spoilers )

Version 1.4
-Updated to work with HTTPS imdb credits to @swstraus

Version 1.3
-Added hide spoiler on season episode list and episode page

Version 1.2
-Added hide spoilers to actor and character page

Version 1.1
-Fixed a bug where spoiler button would display when not needed

Version 1.0

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Price: Free

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