Go Micro for google chrome

Go Micro for google chrome

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Go Micro for google chrome


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Geeq Micropayments with Geeq Pennies
Compatible with Chrome browser on your desktop or laptop.

Geeq’s extension for testing Micropayments TF v0.2.1 in your Browser.

An alpha-version
Go Micro is an extension for accessing Geeq Pay’s in-browser demonstration of code and on-chain micropayments.

Geeq’s Go Micro allows the user to examine the entire process of an on-chain transaction
– from your account on a Geeq chain,

– to making payments in Geeq pennies on our demo’s content pages,

– to the deposit of these payments into a content creator’s account,
all in a few seconds.

The process is elaborated and extended in TF v0.2.1 because it shows you all the functions under the hood. When Geeq Pay goes live, it will be easy to make micropayments at any website powered by Geeq Pay.

Geeq’s in-browser Micropayments TF v0.2.1

Visit gomicro.geeq.io.

– Use Go Micro to transfer Geeq coins into Geeq pennies. Geeq pennies are pre-funded micropayments that can be used to purchase content without using your private keys.

– Use Go Micro to authorize a payment on a within browser content page.

This extension allows the user to have a secure interface to review the transaction before approving or canceling the payment, in one click.

Geeq Pay will allow the receiver to receive micropayments directly in their accounts.

Because it adds functionality to the normal browser context, the extension requires permission to read and write to any webpage. You can always “view the source” of Geeq the way you do any Chrome extension.

Enables access to:
Web 3.0
Payments à la Carte
…and more!

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Price: Free

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