CPU and Memory Performance Monitor

CPU and Memory Performance Monitor

By Amol Arjun Jadhav

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CPU and Memory Performance Monitor


CPU and Memory Performance MonitorScreenshotsScreenshotsScreenshotsScreenshotsScreenshots

CPU and Memory Performance Monitor Mode Free Download

Monitor Memory, CPU utilization & CPU Temp (Chome OS). Clean up memory by dicardings tabs. Clear browsing data.
Default data capture Interval = 2 sec. (CPU, Memory, CPU temp)
Threshold = 90% ( GREEN 0-90%, RED > 90%)

1. Monitor CPU Usage
2. Monitor Memory Usage.
3. Monitor CPU Temperature (in Fahrenheit) (Visible on Chrome OS only/ Graph Only)
4. Chrome Window/Tab Counter
5. Network Status Indicator
6. Clean Memory/CPU: – Discarding inactive tabs can release memory used in loading web pages in background. If you have multiple tabs open, this can save anywhere between 0%-40% memory.
7. Clear browsing data (with options to set time range and clean up preferences.)
7. Shortcut to Reset Chrome.
9. Works in online/offline mode.

This tool provides an option to monitor CPU, CPU Temp and Memory utilization as number or in graph mode. (You can enable/disable specific legend in graph by clicking on legend label.)

Permissions: –
CPU & Memory read permission, Clear Browsing Data (Delete only), local storage (to save browser clean up options) .
** This tool does not interact with applications open in your chrome window. This tool does not transfer any data to or from your system.

Version History: –

01/03/21 – V1.3
# Defect Fix.

12/28/20 – V1.2
# Added Options page (right click on toolbar icon) to set options for browser data clean up.
# Removed Shortcut to Clear Cache and added direct functionality to clean browsing data based on options set up by user.
# Removed Current Tab Count parameter and added Network Status.

12/13/20 – V1.1
# Added CPU Temperature in Graph mode (Chrome OS only)
# Added Tooltip on toolbar Icon to display CPU and Memory Usage.
# Added Status/Confirmation Message on “Release Memory” button to display number of tabs discarded and memory saving estimate.

12/06/20 – V1.0
# Monitor CPU/Memory graph, Capture Window/Tab count and Chrome Version, Shortcut to clear cache & reset chrome, Option to discard background tabs to release memory.

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