coordinates for google chrome

coordinates for google chrome

By Evaw

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coordinates for google chrome


coordinates for google chrome

coordinates for google chrome Mode Free Download

Adds a mouse position tooltip, with its x and y coordinates. Also measures areas of regions.
Note local files: In the extension details you have to explicitly tell chrome that you want to “Allow access to file URLs”.
see for the steps

This extension adds a mouse position tooltip, with its x, and y coordinates.
It also allows you to measure area dimensions by dragging the cursor, like a pixel ruler.

As an option, you can set the triggering action for measuring areas to be the keyboard shift key (hold down *shift*, move mouse and hold up *shift*). This avoids the browser selecting things when you try to measure. It also prevents other default mouse behaviours, like scrolling when you are dragging your cursor.

Noted issues:
It should work after install, but the web is complicated. try refreshing the page if things do not work right away.

Iframes, usually ads, will look like another page and the parent page will lose track of coordinates.

Please send me feedback, I would appreciate it.

version 1.2.4

Add a long format option to display info in multiple lines.

version 1.4
extend to file urls, needs explicit permission from the user

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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