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Center'd - Center the new YT



Center’d – Center the new YT Mode Free Download

Center the new YouTube layout!
Does the fact that YouTubes new layout is not centered annoy you? Center the new YouTube layout easily with this extension!

Works best with a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution as thats what it was developed on.

If there are any bugs please write them in the reviews.

** Release Notes **

Version 1.2: Official Release Version
Version 1.3: Fixed Channel Bug
Version 1.4: 1400px and 1280px resolution fixes added.
Version 1.5: Added https:// support.
Version 1.6: Fixed minor alignment bugs, added support for people with 800px or below resolution.
Version 1.7: Generally neatened up a lot of resolutions, added support for people with a res of 2800 or lower.
Version 1.8: Fixed footer and alerts.
Version 1.9: Fixed inbox header

If you use a different resolution to 1920 x 1080 and you think it’s not right, please contact us here and we will fix it:

Even though Google says this extension can access your information on YouTube, we do not access any of your data. None at all. All we do is center the video website 🙂

Thank you all for using this extension, happy YouTube’n 🙂

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Price: Free

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Package Name: kkgjcknlnbcciacdklmnafmfcfjnpcja
Version: 1.9
File size: 14.68KiB

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