Bass Booster Extreme - It Works!

Bass Booster Extreme – It Works!

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Bass Booster Extreme - It Works!


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Bass Booster Extreme – It Works! Mode Free Download

Extreme bass booster app for Chrome™. Use it for headphones and speakers with presets and custom level of enhancer.
Meet the new, stylish audio Bass Booster for Chrome browser.

Pump up your speakers to rich, deep sound and listen to music with excellent bass.

In the speaker booster extension there are already preinstalled 4 standard presets:
– Low;
– Medium;
– High;
– Very high.

Use the one that is right for you, and quickly switch with one click between presets.

There is also a button to set the level of speaker bass booster, move the slider to adjust the optimal sound.

To Turn ON extension, just click on one of the buttons, it will light up – it means it’s activated.

Clicking this button again will Turn OFF. When the buttons are not light, the bass enhancer is off.

Also try to combine equalizer & bass booster for a brilliant sound.

Get the best experience of listening to music, feel the bass to the full. And enjoy your favorite songs with this extension.

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