Automatic Amazon Referrals

Automatic Amazon Referrals

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Automatic Amazon Referrals


Automatic Amazon Referrals

Automatic Amazon Referrals Mode Free Download

Redirects amazon and amazon smile product pages to your choice of affiliate.
Version 2.0 now supports Amazon Smile in addition to affiliate links!

Automatic Amazon Referrals (AAR) is a light-weight and incredibly easy-to-use application for the Chrome browser that does the tedious legwork for you when it comes to assigning a referral ID to your Amazon page visits. Many websites and content providers today use Amazon referral IDs with their audiences in order to generate additional income, taking 4% up to 8% of a purchase’s value in revenue.

This can be an annoying task, with the users needing to bookmark the URL with the referral ID or needing to navigate to the website itself and clicking through a link. For most Amazon users, visiting the website, adding to cart, and ordering is the go-to method. This results in people forgetting to use the referral ID or simply not wanting to put in the effort.

AAR solves this. Upon adding to your browser extensions, you can access the app’s settings which will let you input a referral ID. Please note that utilizing your own referral ID for your own purchases is against Amazon’s terms of service.

After you confirm this change, any time you visit an Amazon page you’ll automatically be using the referral ID. No fuss on your end and no additional effort needed. Configure once and never worry again.

There’s no catch and the app doesn’t require access to anything other than your Amazon page requests. No account access is required, no information is visible, and your privacy is completely safe.

Disclaimer: If AAR is left unconfigured, the referral ID defaults to that of the app developers. Make sure to change the referral ID to the intended recipient!

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