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Amazon Order History Reporter

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Amazon Order History Reporter


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This extension extracts order history from your Amazon account. Amazon used to provide csv reports via…
This extension extracts order history from your Amazon account.
Amazon used to provide csv reports via US customers only, but it didn’t include digital orders, shipping, total amount, or payment information. Sometime in the middle of 2020, Amazon withdrew the feature even in the US.

This extension aims to fill the gap.

How to Use
After you install the extension, you won’t see anything until you view your order history on the website (Your Account -> Your Orders).

Get to your orders page, then click on the extension icon at the top right of the Chrome window; look for an orange upper case A. Once you do this, you should see buttons with years on the extensions pop-up window.
Clicking on one of these buttons causes the extension to sift through all of your order pages and show you a searchable, sortable table with all of the orders in. It can take a few seconds to get all of the pages.
A blue button enables you to download a CSV (viewable in Excel and other spreadsheet programs) of the order table the extension has assembled.
It’s better not to have more than one amazon tab open while the extension is doing stuff.

Currently supported:, .ca, .de, .es, .in,, com, (partial).

For other Amazon sites, please submit debug information as described in

Bug reports are gratefully accepted (see github link below), with extra points awarded for:
1) reproducibility – if you describe it well and I can reproduce it then it’s normally straightforward to fix.
2) staying in contact – fire and forget bug reports are often impossible to reproduce and are seriously demotivating.
3) using courteous language.
4) using English – you’re not paying me and while I can scrape by in French and German, I’m spending more of my spare time on this project than you are, and it’s not about learning human languages.
5) having read the (very brief) instructions – and if English is not your favorite language, you have two choices:
i) Google translate (don’t send it to me!)
ii) Sending me a translation (better than Google’s) of the instructions.
I will figure out how to incorporate it and list you in the credits.

Feature requests: if there’s a github ticket outstanding for the same thing, please add your thoughts there rather than making a new one. You can signal your sincerity by clear communication and responsiveness to follow-up queries.

Changes 1.9.23:
manifest v3 (google are going to block manifest v2 real soon now)
better item scraping: issue162
better order debug dumps: issue179

Source Code
contributors (Thank you!):

I have a proper job, and cannot accept personal donations.
Don’t worry: just redirect your gratitude here instead:
If you seek commercial features, please read before even thinking about contacting me directly. I am bored of reading proposals from malware distributors.

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Price: Free

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