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7TV for chrome extension

7TV is an emote service and extension for Twitch and YouTube
– Works on Twitch and YouTube chat
– 200 slots to add emotes to your channel for free
– Support for many emote formats including regular, wide, animated, zero-width and more to come!
– Much smaller emote file sizes (WEBP compression)
– Adds “True Theater mode” to YouTube livestreams, featuring a full-width player with chat on the side
– Adding or removing channel emotes updates instantly in chat, without refresh
– Less opinionated, free and open source
– Designed to work seamlessly with other popular emote extensions

Version 2.0.0
– Added support for YouTube
– View emotes from 7TV and other services all in one extension
– Use True Theater Mode to make the video full-width with chat on the side in livestreams, premieres and replays
– Twitch: Added Animated Avatars (7TV Subscriber Perk)
– Twitch: Major optimizations when on fast chats
– Twitch: Clicking away from the Emote Menu now closes it
– Twitch: Messages which mention you will now be highlighted in red
– Twitch: Fixed an issue which caused the 7TV button at the navigation bar to be squished or invisible
– Twitch: The setting “Minimize Tooltip Size” should now work properly
– Twitch: The extension should no longer hang when other emote services are unavailable

Version 1.6.2
– Fixed an issue which caused the chat window to crash
– Fixed an issue which caused some taller emotes to appear squished
– Fixed an issue which led to chat input contents being kept despite not using Ctrl+Enter
– Fixed an issue which caused bit emotes / cheermotes to appear as broken images
– Added spacing between text and emotes
– Removed the “Enabled set” system message when loading chat

Version 1.6.1
– Added an option to allow posting the same message twice as a non-moderator/vip
– Added a keybind to post and retain the current message in the chat input box (Ctrl+Enter)
– Added History Navigation: you can now press up/down arrows to navigate between your previously sent messages
– On 2K and 4K monitors, emotes in chat should no longer look blurry
– Added a button in the twitch toolbar which opens the settings menu
– Added an option to include active chatters in tab completion
– Fixed an issue which caused channel emote events to appear on the wrong channels
– Fixed an issue which could cause the settings menu to get stuck in an infinite loading state
– Fixed an issue which prevented twitch emotes from being paired with a zero-width emote

Version 1.6.0
– Added a Settings Menu
– Added Zero-Width Emote Support
– Added a search bar to the emote menu
– Added 7TV Badges
– Fixed all known problems with Auto-Completion/Tab-Completion
– Removed extra vertical spacing between chat messages
– Some emotes should no longer look blurry in chat
– Reduced the amount of API requests sent
– Added an option to blur unlisted emotes
– Added an option to send a message when a user is timed out or banned in chat
– Added an option to toggle Auto-Completion
– Added an option to make the 7TV tooltips smaller
– Added an option to toggle the UI transparency
– Auto-Completion now automatically adds a space at the end of the cursor
– Auto-Completion can now complete Twitch emotes
– Auto-Completion now takes priority over BetterTTV, preventing issues where 7TV emotes cannot be completed
– Updated FrankerFaceZ Compatibility for Version 1.6.0
– Fixed an issue which caused emotes containing parentheses in their name to break the extension
– Technical: removed websocket and implemented the 7TV EventAPI for channel emote changes

Version 1.5.5
– Added Tab-Completion. Press the TAB key while typing an emote to auto-complete all matching results
– Moved the FrankerFaceZ Add-On Integration to a compatibility mode, as it is now part of FrankerFaceZ itself

Version 1.5.4
– Added FrankerFaceZ Add-On Integration (authored by Melonify)
– If the FrankerFaceZ extension is enabled, 7TV will now load itself as an add-on. This should resolve most or all issues relating to clashing between 7TV and FrankerFaceZ.
– Spacing in chat messages should now be normal again
– Copy & pasting should now be normal again
– Improved the performance of emojis
– There should no longer be an empty white space at the beginning of chat messages containing a Twitch emote
– The emote menu button should no longer ocasionally duplicate

Version 1.5.3
– The extension will now load on channels with 3-character usernames
– Channel emotes should once again no longer require a refresh to see in chat

Version 1.5.2
– Changed colors of Tooltips & the Emote Menu to match Twitch’s color scheme
– Fixed an issue causing links to duplicate
– Fixed an issue causing mentions to duplicate
– Fixed an issue causing occasionally creating excess white space in chat messages
– Improved the “MessageTree” message body renderer

Version 1.5.1
– The previous emote set should now consistently unload and load the new one when switching channels
– Changed how the extension loads, which should make it a little bit faster
– Emotes now have a fixed size to prevent popping on low bandwidth connections
– Fixed an issue which caused background WebSocket connections to remain alive forever

Version 1.5.0
– Added an Emote Menu
– Includes tabs 7TV, BTTV and FFZ emotes
– Emotes added or removed on a channel’s chat update dynamically
– Added basic tab completion
– Added native support for BTTV and FFZ emotes
– Slighty improved the positioning of emote tooltips
– Major improvement to the performance of the renderer
– The extension is now capable of reloading itself when switching between twitch channels without refresh
– The extension can now load on the stream dashboard page
– 7TV Global Emotes should no longer overwrite other emotes
– Emojis will no longer occasionally be huge
– Fixed an issue which caused third-party emotes to be stacked at the top or end of the message
– Fixed an issue which caused messages to vanish if the API is offline
– Fixed an issue which caused messages to not render and throw an error when containing some special characters
– TECHNICAL: Now uses the v2 API

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